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Date(s) Location(s) Brief Description
20~23 Oct. 2015

The Mall, Opposite Downling Street, London Chinatown, Opposite the Chinese Embassy London, etc.

Falun Gong torture victims highlight wave of lawsuits during Chinese state visit

LONDON, FALUN DAFA ASSOCIATION: With Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping set to visit the UK from 20-23 October, he faces increasing pressure to bring former leader Jiang Zemin to justice for launching the persecution campaign against Falun Gong.

UK residents are among a growing number who have filed lawsuits in China for the torture and imprisonment meted out against them and their families. The state visit by Xi brings a unique opportunity for them to directly appeal to him to bring Jiang to justice.

Peaceful demonstrations and appeals will be held at the locations.

For more information, please download the Press Release.


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