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Guidelines for Managing UK Falun Gong Classes (Practice Sites)



  1. 關於煉功點
  • 所有法轮大法的炼功、教功活动都是免费的。
  • 煉功點的活動主要有三種:九天學法煉功班集體煉功學法
    • 九天學法煉功班是開始學習法輪大法最完整的一種方式。在九天中(每天約二~三小時),每天播放一講李洪志老師的講法錄影,並教授五套功法。
    • 集體煉功則是學員在煉功點一起煉功。完整的五套功法煉下來要二個小時,但可以根據當時的情況調配。
    • 集體學法 - 通常會先一講《轉法輪》,然後相互交流修煉體會,互相促進,共同提高,是一個難得的修煉環境。
  • 煉功點的主要職能除了上面提到的教功,集體煉功和集體學法以外,在條件成熟的情況下,組織當地的洪法講真相活動,協助佛學會組織的正法活動與項目,鼓勵煉功點的學員積極參與正法活動,但對新學員不要勉強。
  1. 關於煉功點輔導員
  • 輔導員是自願為為大家義務服務的,不是常人中的官職。
  • 輔導員必須重視學法和修炼,把煉功點組織好的學員 。
  • 輔導員要经常參加全國學法(面对面和网上)。如果要申請新建煉功點,新輔導員必須參加過面对面全國學法。
  • 輔導員要把自己擺在學員之中,不要有在學員之上的心,不要用命令式的方法進行工作,對新學員要耐心輔導動作,在法理上交流。
  • 輔導員的煉功動作一定要準確。
  1. 佛學會與煉功點
  • 各地煉功點及輔導員要配合佛學會的統一管理與安排。
  • 新建煉功點必須事先向佛學會提出申請,獲得批准後方可進行。
  • 煉功點的輔導員要通过佛學會批准,佛學會會監督和評估各地煉功點的運作情況,佛學會有權更換不合適的輔導員。
  • 由佛學會批准的煉功點及輔導員的信息才可以發布者全球法輪大法明慧網上。
  • 根據實際情況的變化,本指引可能隨時修改和補充。

Guidelines for Managing Falun Gong Classes

In order to better spread the Fa, clarify the truth, save sentient beings, the UK Falun Dafa Association formulated the following Guidelines to ensure the proper operations and standardized management of Falun Gong classes across the UK.

  1. Falun Gong Classes
  • All Falun Dafa exercises and teachings are free of charge.
  • There are mainly three activities in a Falun Gong class:  the Nine-day class to learn the exercises, group exercises and group fa-study.
    • The Nine-day class is the most complete way to start the learning of Falun Dafa. In the nine days (about 2 ~ 3 hours per day), the assistant can play one lecture from the fa-teaching video of Master Li every day, and then teach the exercises.
    • The group exercises – practitioners practise the exercises together. To complete the 5 set of exercises needs two hours, but can be deployed according to the circumstances.
    • Group fa-study – normally study one lecture of “Zhuan Falun” first, then share the cultivation experiences so as to improve together. This is a valuable cultivation environment.
  • Apart from the teaching the exercises, group practice and fa-study, if the circumstances are allowed, local practice sites (classes) should also organise local hongfa and truth clarification activities, assist other fa-rectification activities and projects organised by FXH, encourage practitioners at local practice sites (classes) to join fa-rectification activities, but DO NOT force new practitioners.
  1. Assistants of Falun Gong Classes
  • The assistant is a volunteer to offer service to others, not an everyday people’s official position.
  • The assistant must be a practitioner who pays attention to fa-study and cultivation and does a good job organising the practice group.
  • The assistant must attend the national fa-study regularly (face to face and online). For any application for establishing new Falun Gong classes or practice sites, the new assistant of the new class must have attended face-to-face national fa-study.
  • The assistant should treat himself/herself as one of the practitioners instead of considering himself/herself above them, should not carry out their work by simply issuing orders, should be patient in teaching the exercise movements to new practitioners and share on the fa principle with them.
  • The assistant’s exercise movements must be accurate.
  1. FXH and Falun Gong Classes (practice sites)
  • The assistants and practice sites should cooperate with the unified managements and arrangements of FXH.
  • For establishing a new Falun Gong classes, an application must be submitted to FXH and get approval.
  • The assistant of a Falun Gong class is approved by FXH. FXH will monitor and evaluate the operations of the class. FXH has the right to replace unsuitable assistants.
  • Information about the approved Falun Gong classes and assistants by FXH can only be published on the global minghui website.
  • According to the changes of actual circumstances, this Guideline may be amended and supplemented at any time necessary.


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