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Guidelines for Managing UK Group Email List

Guidelines for Managing UK Group Email List(Draft)

Following request from practitioners, FXH has drafted the suspension rules for the UK email group as below:

1. The UK email group should not be used for personal criticism. Personal criticism should be done face to face and in a compassionate way.


2. The UK email group is for practitioners of Falun Dafa and a founding principle of this group is respect of Fa and Master. E.g.,citing the Fa for the purpose of personal criticism is not respectful.


3. The UK email group is guided by Zhen Shan Ren. All emails to the group try best to assimilate to the principles. Anything contrary, esp. abusive words and aggressive mentality are strongly discouraged.


In any organization, emails containing any rude, disrespectful and aggressive language are banned because it is breaching the code of conduct. This is for ordinary people, basic respect for other people is required. If you shout at other staff, using aggressive language, you are breaching the code of conduct and will be disciplined.


As Dafa disciples, we are following the principle of Zhen Shan Ren and should behave much better than ordinary people.


4. People contravene 1-3 above could be suspended from sending email list to the group but could continue to receive email messages from the UK.

违反1 至3条规定者,邮件将会被禁发,但仍可读邮件。

5. Details of the suspension procedure
- first time offender will be warned in writing
- second offense will lead to suspension described in 5 for a period of 3 months.
- subsequent offenses will lead to doubling of suspension period; e.g. suspension for 4th offense will be for 1 year.


  • 第一次违反规定者,将会受到邮件警告。
  • 第二次违反规定者,邮件将会被禁发三个月。
  • 第三次违反规定者,邮件将会被禁发六个月。
  • 第四次违反规定者,邮件将会被禁发一年。

6. Lift of suspension is on the condition of FXH receiving a written apology to the UK group and a pledge of abiding by 1-3 above



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